Special FLASH Offer for New Clients!

We really “otter” get to know each other, so Wordz by Jericho is offering a special “skinny” retainer so we can!

Human Vs. Machine, Pt. 3: Artificial Linkbuilding

Links are another way to build authority for your content. But enough of the wrong kinds of links can cost you your SERP ranking! Here’s why.

Human vs. Machine Pt. 1: Algorithms and Spun Content

It may be a time-honored signal gaming trend, but content spinning has long since outlived its usefulness. Content creator Jericho Wayne explains why!

Why Long-Form Content Matters

It’s a myth that long-form content such as blog posts, articles, in-depth videos and so on isn’t worth the time or cost. This is simply not true! Long-form content has been and remains the best and most cost-effective possible way to craft a cohesive message for your company or brand, and gives you an edgeContinue reading “Why Long-Form Content Matters”