Straight answers to frequently asked questions about me, my work and other associated matters

Question: Are you any good at what you do? You didn’t even spell “words” right! – Luke, Portland, OR

Answer: Like anything else, “good” is very much in the eye of the beholder. However, I can say the content I create tends to reach above-the-fold ranking on Google for specifically targeted keywords and search phrases about 70% of the time. I have around a 5% revision rate and a rejection rate of <1% for client work. Viewed in that light, I can honestly say I’m DAMNED good at what I do.

As to why I chose to spell “wordz” with a z, well, it got your attention, didn’t it? It interested you enough as a stylistic choice to prompt you to ask a question. “Words by Jericho” would have been boring and bland. It doesn’t grab the eye the same way “Wordz by Jericho” does. It makes a statement…and I’m all about making a statement!

Try me and see for yourself!

Question: What are your rates? – Amanda, Amarillo, TX

Answer: My hourly rate for basic content creation and SEO/SEM, which is the bulk of my business, is $25 an hour.

In addition to content creation and SEO, I offer other services, including:

  • Graphic Design
  • Image Sourcing, Editing and Manipulation
  • Website Design and Development
  • Web Hosting Deployment
  • Database Creation and Administration
  • Ghostwriting
  • CRM/CMS Management and Deployment
  • CSS-HTML Customization
  • And more

My rate for such services is evaluated separately from my content creation services. These services require a different mindset and involve more time and complexity, so they will cost more. However, I welcome the opportunity to discuss your creative project with you and negotiate a rate we both agree is reasonable. You’ll probably STILL find me far less expensive than a boutique Internet marketing firm for comparable results!

Question: What’s a “retainer,” and why do you charge that way? – RaeKwan, Coconut Grove, FL

Answer: Retainer fees are often used by clients for attorneys and freelance professionals. The retainer ensures clients will have access to the services they need, when they need them. I use a retainer model because it’s more efficient and friendlier for everyone concerned in terms of billing, time and revenue management. The alternative would be:

  • Do the work.
  • Deliver the work.
  • Invoice for the work.
  • Hear nothing.
  • Invoice AGAIN for the work.
  • Hear nothing.
  • Add late fees to invoice.
  • Hear nothing.
  • Add MORE late fees.
  • Finally get paid the originally invoiced amount, weeks or months after the project was completed, IF the client doesn’t “forget” or decide they don’t owe anything for the work…which they’ve already published and are profiting from.

The retainer fee keeps things friendly, minimizes friction and keeps everyone involved happy and honest, which is why I use it.

Question: Do you ever copy or recycle content? – Nance, St. George, UT

Answer: No. All the content I generate for clients is 100% original. I never plagiarize (it’s not just a dick move, it’s also illegal and an awesome way to get sued into one’s component atoms!) and I don’t recycle content. When I find a useful piece of evergreen content which is helpful, I will link to it as an authority piece. I check my work through Copyscape to ensure originality. When you engage me to do your content creation and SEO, you’re getting well-crafted, bespoke content in the voice and tone you want your visitors to hear!

Question: Why do you charge so much? – Derek, Mt. Prospect, IL

Answer: In all immodesty, I’ve been working in the Internet marketing field professionally for ten years. If you worked at something you’d consistently proven yourself to be good at for ten years, you’d expect your compensation to reflect your experience and the results you deliver, right? I deliver solid, repeatable results and I don’t cut corners or skimp on quality. My combination of education, experience, skill and talent is tough to replicate, especially at or below my price point. In addition, I can create content across a wide variety of industries and interest areas, which pound for pound makes me less expensive overall, because the odds I’ll have to redo your content beyond minor edits or tweaks are far less than you might expect from a less experienced, proficient or skilled writer.

Think of it the same way as if your brother “fixed” your kitchen sink for a six-pack and a pizza plus the cost of parts, but you had to bring in a pro later to repair what your brother “fixed.” It cost you more in the long run, didn’t get the results you paid for…and you wound up hiring a professional anyway, when you could have had the pizza and beer yourself.

I work the same way. Sure, I cost a little more on the front end, but the time and money savings on the backend will more than justify my cost.

Question: I can’t afford your retainer. Can I pay as I go? – Adrienne, Salem, OR

Answer: I don’t accept “pay as you go” work. In certain cases, I may accept a reduced retainer depending on project particulars at my discretion, but payment is always required upfront. Chasing after people in an effort to get paid after the fact for work I’ve done is not an efficient or enjoyable use of my time and energy, and it distracts me from more important matters such as spending time with the ones I love and creating the best possible content for my clients.

Question: How do I know you won’t just take the money and run? – LaShawn, Beaverton, OR

Answer: You don’t do anything for ten years without getting a reputation, good or bad. I have never once cut and run on a client. Unfortunately, the opposite has been true enough times that I’ve had to create a standing policy to get paid first, because too many people have remarkably short memories when it comes to paying for creative work. If you have concerns about my honesty or integrity, I’m happy to put you in contact with my existing clients. I have absolutely no fear of what they might say about me, my work ethic or my results.

Question: Is there any work you can’t or won’t do? – Kati, Hillsboro, OR

Answer: I’m fairly open-minded and hard to shock, so I’m willing to take on a lot of work covering topical matter most conventional agencies wouldn’t touch, including mostly anything consenting adults can or might choose to do or share.

I am proud to be a sex-positive, kink-friendly contractor!

With that said, I do have a few sorts of content I will not write under any circumstances, including:

  • hate speech
  • racism
  • ablism
  • sexism
  • homophobia
  • transphobia
  • “All Lives Matter”
  • antisemitism
  • anything biased against or non-inclusive of any federally protected or minority group of human beings
  • anything involving harm to or abuse of children, animals or the desecration or defilement of human remains

I also won’t ghostwrite school assignments, such as college term papers. I did my own damn homework and so can everyone else. And I won’t write novels for others. If I’m going to write fiction, it’s bloody well going to have my name on it. Absolutely no exceptions. I’m perfectly happy to ghostwrite nonfiction work all day long, though!

Outside of those hard limits, I’m reasonably flexible. Please note I do reserve the right to reject or refuse work, or to work with clients or companies, which I believe may be problematic or reflect negatively upon myself or my ethics and values. I evaluate each task and new client on a per-case basis.

Question: How do I start working with you? – Paulette, Box Elder, SD

The first thing you should do is review my Client Agreement. That contains all the information you need to understand how I manage my business and what I will and won’t do. Then use the form on the Contact page to let me know how I can get in touch with you regarding your project. Please remember the more information you give me up front, the better! Then, after we’ve talked, if you feel comfortable proceeding with me, we’ll work out how you’ll pay the retainer we agree upon. As soon as the retainer is available in my account, I’ll get to work!

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