New Client Testimonial: Rachel Pfister-Rhys

Rachel Pfister-Rhys is a romance author in the Portland, OR area. She needed an initial website buildout with social media channels and some graphic design work. Here’s what she says about her experience with Wordz by Jericho:

In my experience, it’s hard to find a social media content solution which can both work with the budget of a beginning writer and won’t balk at some of my more outlandish requests. Wordz by Jericho has ably proven to be that solution for me.

Wordz by Jericho was invaluable in setting up my website and online presence to my specifications. Jericho Wayne made everything all “plug and play” and idiot-proofed it as best he could. He even designed the signature I use on my website and in emails!

When we were setting up my various accounts, I misspelled my email. Jericho dropped everything and got me back up and running with full access to my social media channels and the correct address in less than an hour. If I’d done that myself, I might still be trying to get everything untangled!

Jericho’s professionalism and dedication to his clients speaks volumes, and I recommend Wordz by Jericho to anyone who needs a great, responsive, affordable online presence contractor without hesitation. Five stars, and thank you for all your help!

Thank you for your kind words, Rachel! You were a pleasure to work with. I’m happy to help you out anytime! –Jericho

Visit Rachel Pfister-Rhys and learn more about her work at (Caution: This site features some NSFW content which may not be appropriate for all viewers)

Published by Jericho Wayne

Jericho Wayne is a full-time Internet marketing and content creation consultant, and a published author of erotic romance and urban fantasy.

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